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****** COVID-19 UPDATE JULY 5th******


Limited availability at this time.

Sweet Pink!

by Dawn

Sugaring Hair Removal


What Your Booking Will Look Like

  • All appointments will now be made via a phone call, so that the new protocols are understood, and that your email can be collected.
  • Prior to arriving for your appointment, you will receive two emails - one a Health Profile Form, and the other a Covid Screening Form. These forms will need to be submitted by 6 pm the Sunday prior to your appointment. ALL Clients will be required to fill out these forms to help with contact tracing if the need arises. This is required by Public Health.
  • Upon arrival, Clients will park behind the black Honda. There will be two cars in the driveway; if there are three, please wait till the client leaves before parking. Then come to the front door at your appointment time, and no earlier so disinfection protocol can be completed prior to each new client coming in.
  • Clients must attend their appointment alone. Please do not bring guests, children etc.
  • Clients will leave purses and other personal belongings in their car, and only bring in their phone, keys, and method of payment.

    E-transfers will be accepted, and it is asked that Clients send it prior to coming in the house in case of server lagging. It will not be processed/accepted until service is complete.

  • Both Client and Dawn are required to wear a mask when on the premises, and during services. No exceptions. Clients who refuse to wear a mask will be refused entry.

  • You will be asked verbally again prior to entering the house the covid screening questions. Clients will be refused services and required to reschedule if experiencing symptoms or have been exposed to someone who has had symptoms within the last 14 days. NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Clients are required to wash their hands (or use Sweet Pink’s hand sanitizer) upon entering the business, and also at the end of their treatment.
  • I am excited to be able to offer my clients a safe, sanitized, and super experience at Sweet Pink! by Dawn